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The brilliant Panther-Pro Fit-Glass system was designed to assist Autoglass technicians in the exact fit and removal of windshields, back glasses, panoramic roofs on ANY type of vehicle.
Our system can be set up from storage to action in under two minutes and set-down equally quickly making for an efficient and practical tool that will not only save you money as you can literally halve the manpower required to safely install any piece of Autoglass. 
The Fit-Glass System can be used on any vehicle ranging from the smallest car through to Semis, Buses, large commercial vans and will accommodate windshields, back glasses, panoramic roofs and pretty much anything you can throw at it.

Fit-Glass Systems in use:


Reduction in back injuries as a result of using the tool:

Time required to set-up and break-down the system:


It's Fast


Simple to use

Completely takes the weight

Protects your body from injury

Sets up in under 2 minutes and breaks down even quicker

Takes up little storage space

One man sets on 99% of windshields


With over 1000 in use today, we can produce evidence that use of the Fit-Glass System has reduced glass handling injuries by around 70%.

In 1999 Panther Tools & products was founded in the UK with a European distribution office in France run by Mark Holmes. Mark’s father had created a national windshield installation company in the late 1960’s and in the late 1980’s Mark moved to France to do the same. Panther was created to meet the demand for high quality specialist windshield installation tools that simply did not exist in the market at that time. We travelled the world to find the best possible factories to manufacture our products and also source the best blades and consumables from places as varied as the USA, Japan and Australia.

All the staff at Panther came from a windshield background and even to this day the majority of its employees have a windshield installation background. This makes us not just a simple tool sales and marketing company but a company that understands the needs of our industry.
Thanks to our technical background we are able to analyse issues that our customers have and offer them real solutions. This is why the Fit Glass system was created, to help relieve the physical strain on the technician and also the time constraint on the company owner.

Advantages over other setting tools

  1. Doesn’t attach to glass or paintwork eliminating costly potential for damage
  2. Works on ANY vehicle
  3. The easiest to learn setting tool on the market
  4. More versatile
  5. Industry tested and proven for over ten years




Panther-Pro Inc now stock, supply and offer in-house training on the Goliath RV windshield lift. This incredible tool can safely lift up to 463 lbs of glass and makes RV windshield installation a breeze.

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